Embrace a Little Cuteness

As a kindergartener, Little G is taking steps towards greater independence by doing homework, getting herself dressed, and completing a few simple chores. Some days she enjoys these new responsibilities and her growing maturity, but on other days she wants us to remember that she is still little. I find Lori Haskins Houran’s loving and playful book, Next to You, to be the perfect read on the days Little G wants to be babied and recognized. Throughout the book, Houran highlights the “aww”-inducing behaviors of baby animals, but humorously reminds readers that ridiculously cute animals are nothing compared to the children in our lives.

This book inspired me to make a “mini meal” for Little G using a muffin tin and small servings. She was thrilled with the attention, particularly when I told her I was making my “cutest little girl the littlest meal in the world“.

Muffin tin meals are also a clever way to introduce your child to smaller, less intimidating portions of new or non-preferred foods. By incorporating foods your child does like, they are more inclined to try others.

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